Dr. Kevorkian 的神

終於看了電影 You Don’t Know Jack。Al Pacino 飾演 Dr. Jack Kevorkian,演技出色,沒半點過火,雖然樣貌不太像,但神情舉止、說話語氣都維妙維肖,而最重要的是,他演活了一個 character。影片從 Kevorkian 第一次協助病人安樂死開始,到他鋃鐺入獄為止,一條主線,沒有甚麼枝節。難得的是,雖然影片的「反反安樂死」主調相當明顯,卻沒有一味歌頌 Kevorkian;結尾的幾個鏡頭,更表達出 Kevorkian 挑戰法律的激烈行動是過份了。

此片對白寫得不俗,時有佳句。有一場是一群反安樂死的宗教人士在 Kevorkian 家門外示威叫囂,高呼 "Life is God's choice!" 等口號。Kevorkian 出門時,其中一個示威者趨前質問他:"Only God can create and destroy. Have you no religion? Have you no God?" (「只有神才可以創造和毀滅。難道你沒有宗教嗎?難道你不信神嗎?」),語氣好像人人都應該有宗教、人人都應該信神一樣。Kevorkian 的回答真是妙絕:"Oh, I do, lady. I have a religion. His name is Bach. Johann Sebastian Bach. And at least my God isn’t an invented one." (「噢,我有呀,小姐。我有宗教,我的神名叫巴赫,約翰 . 塞巴斯蒂安 . 巴赫。還有,我的神至少不是虛構的。」)。哈,想不到 Kevorkian 竟和我拜同一個神!

以下是此片 DVD 的 special features "The Real Jack/Inner Circle",訪問了主要演員和他們飾演的真人(包括 Kevorkian):

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  1. 澳洲也有個Dr. Philip Nitschke,推行安樂死多年,有人支持,也有人咒罵他。

  2. Chris,

    Dr. Philip Nitschke 我倒沒聽過,看來他的風頭不及 Kevorkian。

  3. catcat was back in Australia back in 96/97 when Dr Philip Nitschke performed the world's first legal and voluntary euthanasia. It stirred up huge debate around even among our Christian group. Some of us do appreciate the precious lives given by God, but also respect the right for one to die with dignity out of love.
    P.S. thanks for movie sharing, Al is a great actor :)

  4. catcat,

    Interesting. This is what I found in Wikipedia: In 1996, the world's first euthanasia legislation, the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1996, was passed in the Northern Territory of Australia.Four patients died under the Act, using a euthanasia device designed by Dr Philip Nitschke. The legislation was overturned by Australia’s Federal Parliament in 1997.In response to the overturning of the Act, Dr Nitschke founded EXIT International. In 2009, an Australian quadriplegic was granted the right to refuse sustenance and be allowed to die. The Supreme Court of Western Australia ruled that it was up to Christian Rossiter, aged 49, to decide if he was to continue to receive medical care (tube feeding) and that his carers had to abide by his wishes. Chief Justice Wayne Martin also stipulated that his carers, Brightwater Care, would not be held criminally responsible for following his instructions. Rossiter died on September 21, 2009 following a chest infection.

  5. that's why he's also called Dr Death :)

  6. 個片名改得好正!
    you don't know Jack 可以是「你不懂得積克」

  7. 黑人,